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Nueva lineas Aereas Los Roques Conviasa 4Getting to Los Roques is now quick and uncomplicated due to charter flights to Los Roques operated by private charter flight operators: Los Roques Airlines, Albatros, Rainbow, Sundance, Conviasa, and later this year LTA.

Use our online booking system to book your flight to Los Roques, and get to know this archipelago. One of the best ways would be a Fullday Tour to this beautiful destination fly to this this paradise.

The Ministry of Popular Power for Aquatic and Air Transport (Mpptaa) incorporates this Thursday the state airline's own aircraft to cover the route Caracas - Los Roques, thanks to the acquisition of equipment Cessna 208 Caravan 2015 Sovereignty and Development Plan.

Nueva lineas Aereas Los Roques Conviasa 3The Venezuelan Consortium Aircraft Industries and Air Services (Conviasa) opened the route in March 2011, but due to the special conditions of the track in Canaima ceased operations with its aircraft Bombardier CRJ and ATR, and hired in January 2014 to a third, to support the commercial offer this important tourist destination, that now have mobilized nearly 2,800 passengers in this new aircraft to Los Roques.

The minister of water and air said in a press conference at the Gran Roque Los Roques, the airline of the State not only cover the route to Los Roques with its own fleet of aircraft, but will expand its operational capacity 20%. Explaining that it will continue its commercial offer four flights a week to Los Roques, but now offer two frequencies - morning and afternoon, which expands and streamlines the flow of passengers. We emphasize that the Cessna 208 Caravan turboprop type are, with capacity of 12 passenger seats, whose special features allow you to operate remote areas and unprepared runways Venezuelan territory. Book now >

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