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Fly to Los Roques Terminal de Aviación General

Now with 4 daily flights to Los Roques, thanks to an agreement signed with Sasca / Conviasa + Sky airline, jointly with the Tourism Corporation of the Territorio Insular. Cotizar Vuelo..

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The company formed by a group of tour operators, will have exclusive commercialization for these air operations to Los Roques.

The airline flagship of Venezuela now operates with operates with Sasca in collaboration with British Aerospace - Jetstream 31 aircraft with capacity for 12 passengers + the new aircraft Cessna 208-B Grand Caravan thus helping to implement the supply of air passages to the Archipelago of Los Roques which in recent months had decreased significantly..

Flight Timetable:
Maiquetia Terminal de Aviación General - Los Roques: 7:00 am - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Los Roques - Terminal de Aviación General: 8:00 am - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Important notes:
Only 15 kilos per passenger is allowed. The excess weight will be calculated at USD $1 per kilo, baggage exceeding 15 kilos weight could be sent on the first available flight.

Flights will depart from Terminal B Aviacion General (Terminal de Aviación General) in Maiquetia 50 meters from the Auxiliary Terminal (900 meters from the International Airport) and will be operated by Fly.

It is recommended to present at check-In 1 hour before flight departure.

Cancellation policy is considered accepted upon receipt of this email:
Cancellation or changes 30 days prior to departure: 100% Refund
Cancellation or changes from 30 days to 7 days prior to departure: 50% refund
Cancellation or changes from 7 days until the day of departure: will be considered NO SHOW and nothing will be refunded. The changes will generate a rate difference.

Guaranteed Services:
In case of delays exceeding 4 hours in the schedules of flights by direct causes
Re-usable to the operations of Fly To Los Roques (excluding due to bad weather, runway closure decreed
By the control tower, flight prohibition decreed by the INAC among others), the company will proceed to supply the
Passengers food and drinks according to the schedule in which your reservation corresponds.
In case it is necessary that the flight is reprogrammed for the following day, the personnel of the company Fly To Los
Roques, organize Transportation, Dinner and Hotel for all passengers affected and who do not have residence in the Gran
Caracas. The latter shall be coordinated only with the round-trip transportation of
Our company or Bus / Taxi of confidence organized exclusively by our personnel until its residences,
Being responsible for the cancellation of the aforementioned services.
In case you can not reprogram the flight after 24 Hours from the scheduled time in the original reservation
Contracted by the client, the company Fly To Los Roques. Will be committed as its sole responsibility to relocate
To affected passengers on other available dates, without additional costs, or to reimburse 100% of the ticket purchased
In a temporary period of less than 48 working hours compared to the date originally scheduled.
Limitation of Liability:
In the case of ticket services, it explicitly states that it acts only as an intermediary between the Customer
And the national air ticket service provider.
In this sense, our clients should take into account the following aspects
A) Check in detail the connection of your National flight (02 hours before) and International (03 hours before), taking in
Counts the time of the confirmation of the flight by Fly To Los Roques, as we decline all responsibilities
For any delay, changes of date, any fortuitous event or force majeure, that may affect the connection with your
B) The flight schedules will be published and / or established according to the confirmation sent by mail by the
Fly To Los Roques company, we suggest to monitor your email box until the day of your departure,
For possible changes in schedules that may be caused by causes beyond our control, being the responsibility
Of the passenger present themselves with their documentation and boarding in a timely manner, taking into account the times of anticipation
That are indicated to him.
C) It is reiterated that the company Fly To Los Roques. Will not be responsible in any way for the loss of
National or international connections, regardless of the causes that generate these types of problems.