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aircargoWe have two cargo aircraft.
With a maximum takeoff weight of 8750lb and a range of 5.5 hours, we can ensure the delivery of cargo in Venezuela and nearby countries and islands in the Caribbean. We are able to carry up to 1.5 tons of cargo flights three hours nonstop.

The model of our new Let 410 aircraft, are normally used for cargo services, so that goods arrive at smaller airports are transported to the major hubs for distribution and vice versa. Also equipped with the navigation equipment and high technology of last generation, such as the Garmin and Magellan, which ensures the effective operation and complete security.

Now also we offer service of air cargo using our McDonald Douglas DC-6 with a capacity of approximately 6 tons, which can be transported with efficiency, punctuality and responsibility to any destiny of Venezuela, and practically everywhere in the continent.
If you are resident in Los Roques, Canaima or any other of the far away destinies of Venezuelan geography, for which the access is very difficult, you can count on our valuable services to make great purchases by order, or to transport pieces, great spare parts, etc., can trust we will fix all the details according to your needs in order to offer the best possible service to you.

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