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About AirLos Roques Airlines aims to be a fair-cost commercial air company, serving the tourist market in Venezuela, regional and international flights by carrying out "non regular" meet the highest standards of safety and maintenance.

To provide safe air transport service, timely and efficient manner that meets the requirements of our customers in full compliance with safety standards and working with the development of national aviation.

Our company is highly qualified to do, both domestic flights and international short-range. We are at your service 365 days a year with more than 5000 tickets allready sold. Whatever your needs for charter for the country and the Caribbean islands.
Basically we offer any service you may need charter, operating mainly from the National Airport of Caracas Maiquetia and other airports approved by the INAC.
The most common charter services are: Commercial flights, holidays, events, conferences, transfer of athletes, religious, executive flights, business, business travel.
When you choose a charter flight, not restricted to the routes of the airlines and your choice will vary the timing of your trip and, if possible, set your own itinerary.

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Airport ✈ Terminal Auxiliar Maiquetía

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Airport ✈ Terminal de Aviación General - Maiquetia Venezuela

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