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LOS ROQUES Airlines may not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities. We will not exclude a qualified individual with disabilities from benefit of any air transportation or related services that are available to other persons, except on the basis of safety, or when the transportation of a passenger would violate Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements. LOS ROQUESA aircraft do not have flight attendants. As such, LOS ROQUES Airlines may require that persons with certain disabilities travel with an able and qualified attendant. In no case shall the attendant be under the age of 15 years. In the event it is determined that an attendant is necessary, the passenger/purchaser will be responsible for the expense of the attendant's seat.

• LOS ROQUES Airlines will not refuse to provide transportation to a qualified individual with a disability purely on the basis of the handicap or because the handicap may offend, annoy or inconvenience other passengers or crewmembers. LOS ROQUESA aircraft do nothave flight attendants; as such, LOS ROQUES may require that persons with certain disabilities travel with an able care-giver.

LOS ROQUES Airlines may require an attendant if any of the following conditions apply:

• Passenger with severe hearing and vision impairments: when the passenger has no method of communication sufficient to receive a safety briefing.

• Passengers with severe mobility impairments: when the passenger's mobility impairment is so severe that the person is unable to assist in his/her own evacuation of the aircraft in the event of an emergency.

• Passengers with a mental impairment: when the passenger is unable to comprehend or respond appropriately to safety instructions from LOS ROQUES Airlines personnel.

LOS ROQUES Airlines will not be responsible to provide a seat to the passenger's attendant free of charge or at a discounted rate.

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