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Unless your ticket indicates otherwise, tickets are valid for transportation for nine months from date of initial use, or if unused, for nine months from date of purchase.

Tickets are valid for travel only when used in accordance with all terms and conditions of sale. Terms and conditions of sale include but are not limited to:

• The passenger's itinerary, as stated on the ticket or in the passenger's reservation record,

• Any requirement that the passenger stay over a specified date or length of time (for example, Saturday night or weekend) at the destination specified on the ticket.

• Any special purpose or status (for example, age in the case of senior citizen or children's discounts, military status in the case of a military fare, official government business in the case of a government fare, or attendance at a qualified event in the case of a meeting or convention fare) that entitles the passenger to a special or reduced rate, or

• Any other requirement associated with the passenger's fare level.

Unless a ticket is reissued by LOS ROQUES Airlines or its authorized agent upon payment of applicable charges, or an authorized representative of LOS ROQUES Airlines waives applicable restrictions in writing, a ticket is invalid:

• If used for travel to a destination other than that specified on the ticket,

• If the passenger fails to comply with applicable stay-over requirements,

• If the passenger does not meet the purpose or status requirement associated with the fare category on the ticket, or

• If LOS ROQUES Airlines determines that the ticket has been purchased or used in a manner designed to circumvent applicable fare rules.

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